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last posted Dec. 10, 2015, 5:18 a.m.

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What Thought Streams is not: a twitter clone.

We've been working on an update to the site which will incorporate our new explainer video into the landing page. We'll be launching that update shortly. The explainer video is live on vimeo now, and for all of those who have not seen it, you can view it here:

For all of the things that it could be, the one thing that Thought Streams is trying the most not to be is a twitter clone. I think we were all thinking that comparisons to twitter would be unavoidable, and in some sense, it could replace twitter for some things, but that was never the intention.

We feel the explainer clarifies that.

There are comparisons to twitter, and examples of things that might work better on TS than twitter in the explainer, but it's not a clone of twitter. A lot of what TS is now and will be in the next few months are things that twitter never was or never really could be, at least as we currently know it. Twitter is great. We're all fans, and most of us still use it extensively. However, apart from having some similarities in the feed and the fact that it's also in the micro blog category, Thought Streams is not, never has been, nor never will be an attempt to clone twitter.

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