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last posted Dec. 17, 2014, 3:36 a.m.

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I work on a couple of projects that use Git tags at least once a day for deployment, and would like to be notified that a tag has been created. This idea occurred to me, though really it shouldn't be a polling app like I envision below but rather Git should have a post-commit hook set up which sends to some notification service (Slack?!).

Algorithm for a node bot that notifies of a new tag in Git:

  1. on init, just store the output of git ls-remote in variable1
  2. every 15 minutes:
    1. store git ls-remote in variable2
    2. compare variable1 to variable2
    3. parse the differences
    4. for each difference:
      1. notify me of the changes
      2. copy variable2 to variable1
      3. delete variable2