The Walking Dead Season 2

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last posted Oct. 12, 2014, 8:11 p.m.
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Generally I thought this season was not as strong as the first but then the first was possibly one of the best computer games ever.

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I can't face a Walking Dead Season 2 episode tonight. Maybe tomorrow when I'm feeling stronger...

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Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 was a predictably grim as ever. I felt I was doing a good job of keeping the group together and I knew that encountering strangers is now a harbinger of danger.

In the former I felt a little bit robbed of agency as there was a choice between two characters that felt like there was only a single real choice, and then to top it off, having chosen a character they leave the group which means you just get to feel generally low.

In the latter I couldn't quite find the right conversation options to explain the potential danger in the stranger, but again it didn't feel like there was any way to avoid the climactic ambush. At least the cliffhanger indicates that there are going to be some radical changes in the group in the next episode.

This season has lacked the strength of the first because it lacks a way to reflect the consequences of your decisions in a meaningful way. Clem's decisions come back to her so far by predictable plot beats rather than the impact she's having on the world. Whether she kind or cruel the world of Season 2 is a nihilistic and depressing place.

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