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last posted June 15, 2014, 8:20 p.m.
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Interesting observations on the current strengths and weaknesses of the Republican party. I hadn't realised it was on its way to controlling the Senate as well as Congress.

The analysis of some of the contradictions of being the party of opposition and protest is interesting. The article offers Texas as a model for proactive Republican government but that doesn't feel like a tremendously solid platform for a national policy.


The collapse of Iraq feels sudden and shockingly complete. The three nation federation starts looking like the only way an inclusive democratic political structure can work.


Michael Gove comes in for some praise as a true conservative radical in the Coalition. While I agree that Gove has broken the taboo that British education isn't working anymore and needs to change; I don't agree with the piece's view that Gove has provided a modern agenda in education and I think we need to recognise that education has always been a highly politicised instrument of social policy.

Britain has never had an effective public education system focussed on what children need for their best life outcomes.


Interesting piece on Rahm Emanuel's tenure as mayor of Chicago. He's facing his first election with an interesting program for tackling the city's problems that seems to be underwhelming the electorate. If he's re-elected it looks like it will be interesting to see if his combination budgets and long-term investments in education work out.