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last posted Feb. 7, 2016, 7:06 p.m.
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Wheels of Aurelia is an isometric racing game crossed with IF and is set in Italy during the 70s. Seems deeply strange and cool at the same time.


The magazine is also doing a live event in London. Who in print media isn't doing this now?



Westport Independent underwhelms. Pony Island surprises. Oxenfree and The Witness kind of get reviews that say, play it if you're going to play it so you can enjoy the experience for yourself first-hand.

That Dragon Cancer gets an interesting review as it's obviously a difficult biographical topic (fatal childhood cancer) and the game design needs to be set against the obvious pain of its designers.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen gets an approving review but its not clear to me whether this is an RPG or an action RPG. The mention of Monster Hunter indicates the latter.

Aviary Attorney is good, which is a relief as I do want to play it at some point. Similarly Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and American Truck Simulator.

XCom 2 gets a rave review but I'm not sure I really feel the X-Com games.


The Mionix Castor gets 89% with a positive review for the price.

Samsung wins the group test of SSD drives (850 EVO)


Reap is a survival game with a slight twist (rather reminiscent of the Martian) that you eat turnips to survive and can explore an island where line of sight is determined by the time of day.


Locomalito's 16-bit scroller (which reminds me a lot of Myth) The Curse of Issyos get's a mention.

Checking out the link reveals his take on the Ghosts and Goblins format Maldita Castilla, which also looks pretty interesting.

The music for the games was composed with PxTone, a kind of modern take on the Tracker.


Interesting little recap on Doom modding, giving a shout-out to Nocturne in Yellow and the Gloome open source and standalone Doom Engine.