Nuclear Throne

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last posted Sept. 28, 2014, 6:14 p.m.
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The mutant I've been playing most recently is PopPop who looks a bit like a white triangle that seems to have a double-shot special ability (right-click).

The shotgun (a gun which fires multiple projectiles that bounce off walls) is probably my favourite, offering a run and gun process.

However the machinegun, laser pistol and assault rifle all offer a different game experience of hanging back and focussing more on accurate shooting. The laser pistol and the machinegun don't kind do enough damage for my liking, making the assault rifle more appealing.

The mutation I really like is Scary Face, which reduces enemy HP.


I am currently struggling with the mini-boss that appears around about level 3. They're huge rate of fire and ability to smash through walls means I'm tending to panic and run too far from them into other monsters.


The game currently plays like a less punishing version of Hotline Miami. It rewards aggression and quick thinking. When you get into the flow of the game you feel incredibly empowered and all the defeats so far have felt "fair" and that I am learning not just about the game but also my preferred gameplay style.


Nuclear Throne is a procedural shooter from Vlambeer.