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last posted Oct. 16, 2016, 11:15 p.m.
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On skill-based matchmaking in Destiny:

People tells us that they just want to be able to make the choice. and we understand that. Sometimes you just want to kick back and have fun. But what does that mean?

Maybe ... that means 'I want to win a majority of my games'. But that's tough because you're playing against other human players. If you win ratio is 65, 70 percent ... then someone else out there is on a 30 percent win ratio. And we don't want that, because they're just going to stop playing. How do we balance that?"

Lars Bakken, Edge 297


There are few video game designs that utilise bluffing as it difficult for an AI to do it satisfyingly and real-person multiplayer is less satisfying that in-person gaming.

Edge 289