Fallout 4

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last posted Feb. 24, 2016, 8:08 a.m.

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During the character creation process I thought you were going to play the couple for some reason and designed both characters but ended up through chance selecting the male character.

Then during the introductory chapter you get a literal case of fridging to create some character motivation for your character (and presumably to save a fortune on having to create a believable companion you talk to and who has a shared history with you).

So I rage-quit and started again with the female character. The revenge plotline worked a little better this time but then it became clear how the storyline is aimed at the male character's background.

The female character is a former lawyer who has spent the last year being an at home mother. Therefore in the course of twenty-four hours the suburban housewife moves from playing with her baby to witnessing the end of the world and then doning a suit of power armour to kill every member of an armed post-apocalyptic gang. Ain't no thing!

Before the end of the week, the tragedy and trauma that tinged the first day when she was beating radroachs to death with a baton has gone and now she is now a bad ass gunslinger using a saw-off shotgun to blow the heads off ghouls and being appointed a general of her own militia/warband.

Rather than try and wrestle with it I've decided to just roll with it and assume that inside this woman was some kind of Dirty Harry character that was screaming to be let out.