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Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology has turned out to be fascinating read from low expectations. The first thing is that the art by writer-artist J. H. Williams is amazing with an intriguing mixture of styles in the same book. There are lots of gauzy paintings and then a very sharp, clean and detailed panel style that is more like Geoff Darrow.

There is a spread detailing the forensic reconstruction of a street fight where the ability to overlay completely different stories is used with a panache I haven't seen outside of Matt Fraction's scripts.

Story-wise there's an interesting mix of intrigue, caped politics and street-level investigation. The overarching story points though are supernatural with a ghost modelled on Mexican folklore abducting children.

One of the really interesting aspects of the plotting is the confidence that the writing team have to not to resolve anything to readily and always have a few threads running while avoiding the Lost-syndrome of runaway questions with no answers.

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