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Hawkeye volume 2: Little Hits is a pretty good book, building on the unique styling of the first. The writing is much ropier with my pet gripe being that Hawkeye alternates between ploughing through legions of goons and having them beat him to a pulp, requiring nothing more than for him to wear plasters and take painkillers.

However there are several standout brilliant episodes. The first is the non-linear Six days in the life of which has Hawkeye trying to enjoy a regular Christmas and behave like a normal person. The panel structure and repeated graphical motifs are simply some of the most interesting I've seen in comics recently.

This gets built on in Pizza is my business which invents a whole iconography to convey the thought process of a dog along with continuing to develop the new language of speech bubbles that Fraction has been working on. In this story the dialogue is just scribble apart from the limited vocabulary that the dog understands. This whole story is nothing less than genius and ultimate pushes the whole form forward in a way that nothing else is doing.

I also liked the meta-framing of issue 8 My bad Penny which uses comic covers to chapter the issue and just when it feels too arch reincorporates into the narrative in a dramatic crashing way that transforms the story.

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