Cinema Purgatorio

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last posted July 29, 2016, 9:52 a.m.
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Alan Moore's new anthology title is quite intriguing with the Moore and O'Neill team rendering strange little shorts in a shabby cinema.

Kieron Gillen is doing a take on Pokemon in the style of 2000AD called Modded.

There is a version of the giant monster fight story with a bit more emphasis on the human element of the story called The Vast.

The two stories that aren't really working for me are Code Pru about a paramedic who discovers that New York city is full of horror film characters. Neither the source material or the metaphor really works for me.

A more perfect Union is an alternative history version of the US Civil War which seems immediately troubling as it has the great Confederate leaders in charge of the war effort against a mysterious alien enemy (at least its not zombies I suppose).