Safely discarding Applicative results

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last posted April 1, 2016, 1:19 a.m.

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The problem is in the loop body: <$> applies HT.insert and abort to the result of the HT.lookup action, but the resulting IO actions are then simply discarded by forM_ as values, without being used or executed.

This is similar to saying:

putStrLn <$> getLine  -- has type IO (IO ())

This action yields a separate IO action as its result. Executing it and discarding its result will end up executing only the getLine, and not the putStrLn.

Correcting this requires using join, or equivalently using =<< as the application operator instead of <$>:

putStrLn =<< getLine  -- has type IO ()

This combines the two actions into a single action, as expected.

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