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Yes, I'm slow to the party. It was just today that I learned that TIL means today, I learned

repost from TIL by jtauber (originally from Computer Tips by LeafStorm)

IP addresses can be sorted with sort -V. (It's the option for version numbers.)


One of the largest and wealthiest slave owners in Tennessee was Sherrod Bryant, an African-American.


Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame for a record of 299-1.

This shocked me as I have always thought of Abraham Lincoln as a feeble and sickly man, which was true of his later years as President and his paintings/photographs reveal a thin and weak man. I never considered how he would have been as a younger man.


The West Africa country of Liberia was founded as a colony of America in 1822 by American Colonization Society.

It's capital, Monrovia, was named after the then US President, James Monroe.