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It's really disturbing to me to see all the anti-police sentiment flung about on social media.

Should police that abuse their positions be held accountable? Absolutely.

Should we paint the picture that all cops are bad because of the actions of a few. Absolutely not. This is the same thing as racism and is hypocritical of those defending the riotous behavior to accuse police in general.

People aren't perfect. People do bad things. Doesn't matter if that person is a cop, is black, is white, purple or yellow. They are individuals. This whole grouping of people is problematic.

We need peace. I think most people despite what the media portrays yearn for peace. I don't know why it's permissible to riot, destroy property, throw garbage cans at bystanders, best people up. But I really don't understand folks that defend these lawless violent actions when in the same breath they seem to indict all police officers who by and large risk their lives daily to protect our life and property.

America seems upside down and backwards these days and it makes me sad.

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