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I am considering coming up with a list of 12 different topics that I'll write an essay on in 2015 and publishing that list of topics with or without a schedule with the idea of putting publicly stated goals will hold me more accountable.

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The goal is to have all this done before January 1, 2015 so that I can start writing on a consistent schedule for the new year.


I also would like to revamp my site, because when you want to write more isn't the first appropriate thing to do is do a Site Sprint instead? :)

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One of the things I'd like to get back into more is writing longer form posts on my personal blog.


That said, there are a host of topics I am still passionate about that don't fit the company blogs:

  • Leadership
  • Parenting
  • CrossFit
  • Golf
  • Politics
  • Christianity
  • Writing
  • and more

One of the biggest problems I faced was that I would often write about things that were more appropriate for Gondor or Eldarion blogs (did this a lot in 2012) and made the decision to put that content on these other blogs.


I have tweeted and ThoughtStreamed frequently but I do miss the longer form writing on my own site.

In fact, I started writing on ThoughtStreams at the end of 2012, approximately when my blogging trailed off.


That's not entirely true, as I have posted on the Eldarion blog and Gondor throughout 2013 and 2014, but as far as personal writing goes, I kind of abandoned my blog.


So you could say it's been a solid 2 years since I have been blogging as I wrote 18 posts in 2012.


I haven't made a single post since that post.


In 2013, I made a single post on my blog and that post was talking about recommitting to blogging on a regular basis.

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