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last posted Sept. 18, 2014, 10:16 p.m.

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3/20/2014 7p

After taking a number of days off to rest and recoup from 14.3, I thought I'd try one workout before 14.4.

Tonight felt good to get back to the box though the the workout was tough on my shoulder, but easy and relaxing overall. The same right shoulder that keeps dogging me.


15:00 to work up to heavy couplet of Push Press + Push Jerk.


3 sets of 8 Good Mornings at Medium-Heavy weight.


3 Sets, NFT:

  • 5 Supermans
  • 30s chinese plank up
  • 30s chinese plank down
  • 3 bridge ups

Got to 215 on the push press/jerk. Tried 225 but no-go. I did back extensions instead of the good mornings as I was feeling a bit of pulling in my lower right back when trying the good mornings. No problem at all with the MetCon.

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