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3/1/2014 10:10a

CrossFit Open - 14.1

The 14.1 Workout consists of:

AMRAP for 10:00:

  • 30 double-unders
  • 15 snatches of 75#

I was scheduled for the 10:10a heat. This was my first CrossFit Open and was both excited and nervous. I had the same feeling I used to get leading up to kickoff of football games. I love this feeling!

I had in my mind reasoned that the best of the best were going to be getting about 9-10 full rounds. I had set a goal for myself based on that to get 3-5 rounds considering I am only a month into this "sport" and a month into doing anything at all active. 5 rounds I would be completely thrilled with, 3 I would be happy with, less than 3, I would be disappointed.

It would be a challenge as I do not have double-unders very well at all. I simply cannot do successive double-unders but have to do double-single-double-single and so on, and even then I get tripped up a lot, so I knew I was going to be burning up a lot of clock to finish the 30 double-unders in each round.

I finished the workout having completed 3 rounds an 1 rep of a double-under to finish with a total score of 136.

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