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last posted Sept. 18, 2014, 10:16 p.m.

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2/24/2014 8a

15:00 to warm up to today's heavy push press


EMOM for 5:00 of 1 rep split jerk with 2 second hold @ today's heavy push press


3 Sets NFT:

  • 3 MUs or C2R or C2B or Ring Dips or 3s Ring Holds
  • 5 handstand shoulder touches or wall walks
  • 10 T2B or K2C

I managed to get to 185 pounds on push press. I did push jerk instead of split jerks as I don't quite have the split jerk down yet, form-wise. For the MetCon I scaled to dips, but last set I did holds, also did wall walks. I did the toes to bar ok.

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