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The movie looks fantastic!


This book reminds me so much of what I know about my great-uncle Robert Altman. So many similarities that I wish he were still alive so we could discuss the book and dive deeper into my uncle's incredible story.


I got distracted by a book about a WWII Army Airman and his survival and put my reading of His Excellency on pause.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is a most remarkable story brought to life by an incredible writer. I can feel as if I am in the life raft and the POW camps with these men.

The writing is so good that I simply experience the story and don't even think about the writing until reflecting on it later. It's an extremely powerful experience and am looking forward to the second half.


A third author that I admire is Walter Isaacson.

Once again, there are books of his that I own and desire to read but have not followed up and actually read them yet.

One in particular is Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. I believe I have read most, if not all, of this but it's been about a decade and is worth a re-read, if not a first time read.


I also like David McCullough and have some of his books of various states of completion. One that I have enjoyed though didn't managed to finish and is worth a re-read (this time hopefully to finish it) is the very long John Adams.

Another volume by McCullough that I own, haven't started, but want to read is 1776.


I just finished the series Turn and it renewed my interest in reading more about my favorite period in history.

One of the authors that I like for this period in history is Joseph EIlis.

I have His Excellency: George Washington but haven't read it yet. I think I'll start with that one, but would like to finish these as well:

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