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Thinking about it now, there were a bunch of new things to learn in building mozCC and CC Validator.

To make the first version of mozCC work I had to figure out how to write a Mozilla extension. My recollection from years later is that this was sort of a pain. I didn't know it at the time, but I was learning about:

  • URIs
  • RDF
  • Triples/Graphs
  • XUL
  • "web services" (I'd been building web tools for teachers at my day job for Canterbury School, but running them on my own server, and publicly, was a different story.)

Thinking about it now, those tools had a lot of rough edges, but there was also this seductively consistent worldview to them. For example, XUL included RDF triple-matching support, so the UI you see above outlining the license on the CC site was generated from the triples extracted from the HTML comment.

I was also really into figuring out CSS.

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