We're Only Part Time Tinkerers

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last posted Oct. 30, 2013, 1:54 a.m.

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On the other hand, I do want to be able to build software easily, and I think both Microsoft and Apple have learned from Linux on this front.

I still use Windows on my gaming PC, but do all my development on Linux. If you trawl back through the dim recesses of the internet, you'll find posts from me back in the early 2000's, first exploring ways to build Python on Windows with the free toolkits (I did get it to work, but it was awful), then with Cygwin (which was broken due to some problems with threads), then with CoLinux, and then finally giving up and just dual booting to Linux instead.

I've long assumed that Microsoft's introduction of the Visual Studio Express series was precisely due to stories like mine: people that wanted to do software development just for fun, and thus were turning to Linux as an OS that encouraged them to be tinkerers rather than passive consumers.

With VSE, and Apple with the relatively token charge for XCode, both Microsoft and Apple allow the option for people to be selective tinkerers. With their POSIX based core, Apple are far more effective at this than Microsoft have ever been (I ranted more on this last year: http://www.boredomandlaziness.org/2011/08/open-source-windows-and-teaching-python.html)

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