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last posted March 30, 2014, 12:33 a.m.

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Ruby I suspect I could actually learn to like, at least at a language level. However, it's too similar to Python in scope and expressiveness for me to have any great drive to do so.

I also believe it replicates some mistakes from Java (by disallowing the option to create purely procedural interfaces), and has a culture without sufficient influence from large scale system designers (to successfully scale applications to large numbers of developers, action at a distance needs to be strictly limited. You can enforce this at a language level, as in Java, make it a cultural convention, as in Python, or else handle it at an architectural level by breaking your system up into independent components with standardised protocols between them. These aren't mutually exclusive options, and defence-in-depth principles apply).

However, there are also many very elegant ideas in Ruby (especially the blocks concept), and it is clearly being used successfully for many applications.

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