Python Packaging Progress Reports

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last posted March 14, 2014, 12:49 a.m.

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Oops, mega fail at keeping this up to date...

All the various issues with the pip bundling appear to have been worked out. pip 1.5.4 installed by default in the Windows and Mac OS X binary installers now, and we haven't had any new problems reported since rc3, so it all looks good for the final 3.4 release.

Donald Stufft has a new role at Rackspace that includes spending a substantial portion of his time on Warehouse development, so that is proceeding apace. The preview site is now integrated with the Fastly CDN and development and testing work is proceeding to ensure all the legacy APIs are implemented in order to make it possible to switch over from the legacy system.

I have also rewritten the Installing and Distribution guides that are part of the core Python documentation. They should now help to guide new users towards key components of the broader Python ecosystem, especially the Python Packaging User Guide.