Revisiting Blog Posts Ten Years On

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last posted Sept. 17, 2014, 7:45 p.m.

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I spent the first half of the last ten years working for a venture-funded company in Boston and the second half with Eldarion for which I deliberately did not seek VC money.

Attending the WA Venture Capital Symposium ten years ago was my one and only contact with the VC community in Perth (or Australia, for that matter). To be honest, I haven't had much contact with the VC community in Boston the last five years other than occasionally seeking the advice of various VCs I know.

I'm sure things have changed a lot in both Perth and Boston. There certainly seemed a big difference between Perth and Boston scenes 10 years ago (and 15 years ago when I first left to work for a Boston startup).

I remember an older US-based entrepreneur originally from India telling me that had India been like it is now when he left, he wouldn't have needed to leave. I suspect the same may be true of the Perth startup scene for me.

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