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What typeface is Gerritszoon supposed to be?

Griffo Gerrtiszoon is almost certainly a merger of Francesco Griffo (the designer of typefaces at the Aldine Press) and Gerrit Gerritszoon (aka Erasmus, who worked for the Aldine Press as a Greek scholar).

We are told Gerritszoon was included on the Mac.

There is one typeface inspired by Francesco Griffo that has long been included on the Mac: Hermann Zapf's Palatino.

Interestingly Zapf considered Palatino a display typeface and designed a book weight complement called...wait for it...Aldus :-)

So I guess one could argue Zapf's Aldus is really Gerritszoon and Palatino is Gerritszoon Display.

But I think Palatino is most likely the typeface Sloan intended Gerritszoon to represent.

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