YNAB Criticism (2016)

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last posted Sept. 26, 2016, 4:49 p.m.

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One example: A couple of times I've accidentally deleted a transaction, which eventually results in my having to go through the account line-by-line and re-mark the "cleared" status of each transaction.

During this process, my mouse cursor is always hovering over the "cleared" marker while I compare each line with a printed statement and mark it off.

Because of this, every time I look back at my screen, the current line's transaction amount is obscured by a tooltip that says "Gleefully mark this transaction as cleared." Sheesh!

Possible workarounds: arrange my browser to put some distance between its right edge and the right edge of my screen, thus allowing the browser to push the tooltip further to the right (not really helpful on a laptop though). Or jiggle and reposition my mouse cursor after every line (stupid).

But there are no workarounds for having to see cute witticisms repeated tirelessly for many months on end.

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