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last posted March 27, 2015, 2:31 a.m.

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In advantages, I listed Design. Ebooks, far more than blogs, are optimized for extended reading.

And yet, this aspect of ebook display is far more neglected among leading device manuacturers than one would expect. Many of the basic aspects of typography which would transfer well to ebook reader devices have yet to make the transition.

  • E-readers still have no well-designed way to handle footnotes or marginal notes by the reader
  • Typefaces used in both LCD and e-ink displays remain subpar
  • Such basic things as hyphenation for properly justified paragraph layout are non-existent
  • E-readers still relegate branding opportunities (covers, for example) to positions of unimportance, reducing books to bullet points on a list and making it difficult for books to differentiate themselves in iconic ways.

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