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last posted Jan. 17, 2014, 10:29 p.m.

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Relevant digression:

@joeld Consider the International Phonetic Alphabet as well, perhaps the most sound-motivated alternative orthography out there.
-- Wanderfowl (@wanderfowl) February 10, 2013

While IPA definitely fits under my chosen heading, there are a couple of aspects in which it differs from the kind of othographies I have in mind.

IPA was designed to draw almost complete attention to the individual sounds as building blocks of the words, whereas I'm looking at writing which tends to bury individual letters and even whole words with in the visual texture_ of the page.

This is connected with the calligraphic aspect. Elian script, the Abbreviations, Tengwar and Luxeuil Miniscule are designed for writing by hand, hence ligatures, diacritics and other shortcuts have a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose.

I am interested , however, in seeing if there are any calligraphic variations or adaptations of IPA.

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