Microblogging with RSS

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last posted Oct. 21, 2014, 5:35 p.m.

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So what do you need to mimic Twitter over RSS?

  1. An RSS reader, ideally one that presents posts in truncated form, in a reverse-chronological mixed stream
  2. Optionally, a cloud-based feed-crawler/reader service to do the heavy lifting and sync your position across multiple devices
  3. A place to store your posts online
  4. A place to serve a feed of your posts

You really only need #1 unless you want to be able to say things too, in which case you need #3 and #4.

Any existing Feedly-style service could provide the #1/#2 combo with just a little UI work.

Any blog could provide the #3/#4 combo. Undoubtedly some that are customized for microblogging would emerge if this becomes a thing.

Or, the Feedly-style service could add support for #3 and #4 without too much trouble.

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