Licensing Software Engineers

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last posted Dec. 30, 2013, 3:42 p.m.

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Sure enough, this week investigators are focusing in on electronics as a potential culprit behind Toyota's woes. Meanwhile, the auto maker has admitted that it has experienced problems with braking control software used in its Prius line and has since updated the software to correct the problem. So far, the model is only being recalled in Japan.

Many drivers would be shocked to know that, when it comes to automotive controls, drivers increasingly fly by wire. A few years ago it was Airbus that ushered in an era in which electronics replaced direct hydraulic controls in airplanes. Automobiles have since followed. Gone are the days when the accelerator or brake pedal were directly connected to the throttle by a physical connector, such as a cable. Today for many makes - not just Toyota - electronics [specifically, software] act as the intermediary.

-- Toyota's Lesson: Software Can Be Unsafe At Any Speed

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