Kindle/ePub Publishing Methods

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last posted Dec. 6, 2012, 5:21 p.m.

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Option: Leanpub


  • Conversion is easy, looks decent on all devices
  • Subscriber and payment management built in


  • Conversion does require additional steps to be added to publishing workflow
  • 10% fees (though not at all bad compared to Amazon)
  • Leanpub sells books, not periodicals, and so has no concept of "subscriptions" as such. The only way to handle subscription-like functionality is to handle it on a yearly basis, and have a book that is "updated" on a quarterly or monthly basis. There is no auto-renew; subscribers will need to be told to buy a new "book" after the current one is finished.
  • No automatic delivery to devices; subscribers do receive email notifications
  • Almost no control over typography for PDF versions.

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