Implementing universal micropayments on the web

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last posted April 24, 2015, 2:29 p.m.

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Notes before I get into details:

  • On the browser's side, it would make most sense to integrate this functionality into an ad-blocking plugin. This allows the user to send a double-message: no, I won't watch your ads, but I will give you the $0.01 that you would have gotten directly if you allow me to. Ideally the browser itself would support this as part of a new standards push. However, that is unlikely to happen for some time.
  • In all the UI/UX design, one key goal (not the only one of course) would be to plant a kind of "inception": to grow the idea in the reader's head that he or she is expected to support the websites they read and use with at least some tiny amount of change, to make them feel good about doing so.
  • Sites like Gratipay and Patreon currently do not support micropayments based on individual pageviews, but could well be made to do so. Pay-per-pageview is important because in most cases users are not deeply connected enough to any one site to bother committing to a regular "subscription" or other patronage-type relationship.
  • The communication to payment services needs to be standardized, to allow multiple payment processors to compete.

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