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last posted June 27, 2016, 5:50 p.m.

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Vankat Rao makes a good argument that an online community is actually less of a filter on reality than a local religion.

I think all such citizens of contemporary escaped realities are in for a reality shock when things like VR and AR go mainstream — they will expect to find more escaped realities when they put on their headsets, but will find themselves dumped into less escaped ones. They will imagine they are jacking into the Matrix, and will find that they are actually crashing out of it.

It happened before with online communities. Plenty of people are still in denial about the fact that that is in fact what happened — they agonize about online filter bubbles while ignoring the fact that geography is a far stronger filter bubble than the Internet. It will happen again with our newer virtual realities.

(On the Design of Escaped Realities)

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