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One of the benefits of running Startup Study Group (SSG) is meetings rising stars. This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mike Seidle and Rick Wehrle of WorkHere, one of two startups I find interesting in the job market space -- the other one being Gigster. This sector is of personal interest so I was able to ask nuanced questions.

Some things I learned from this meeting which other founders should note:

  • They knew the market. They were able to speak to any questions I had about the product and how it addressed smallest details.
  • They had a plan.
  • They have customers.
  • Their technology stack made sense for the market they were addressing.
  • High energy level, can do attitudes tempered with understanding potential pitfalls.
  • Positive attitude.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but I should highlight that Mike is an active contributor to #developers and #investors channels on SSG and one of the members I really want to see succeed. You can find him on Twitter and SSG Slack at @indymike.

If you are interested in joining SSG, see We are 3K+ member community of startup founders and investors and consistently rank on top 10 most active slack communities on You can follow me on Twitter and SSG at @charlesjo.

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