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last posted April 21, 2014, 7:55 a.m.

Sociocracy vests the power to rule in the “socios,” that is, in the people who regularly interact with one another and have a common aim.

Each member has a voice that cannot be ignored in the managing of the organization.

It is based on four key concepts that let everyone participate in decisions on an equivalent basis:

  1. Consent — A policy decision can only be made if nobody has a reasoned and paramount objection to it.

  2. Elections — Persons are elected exclusively by consent, after open discussion.

  3. Circles — The organization consists of circles of semi-autonomous groups of individuals. Each circle has its own aim and performs the three functions of leading, doing, and measuring/feedback. A circle makes its own policy decisions and maintains its own memory system through integral evolution.

  4. Double Link — The connection between two circles consists of a double link. This means that at least two persons from one circle participate in the decision-making in the next higher circle: the circle’s leader and one or more elected representatives.

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