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last posted Feb. 19, 2018, 4:59 p.m.


Just in case my schedule wasn't too full, I've been back to learning Russian for the past month or so.

Last time I was hoping to manage to arrange regular study sessions with my partner, who speaks Russian as a native language, but this proved to be a little hard, as it required quite a lot of coordination, and sometimes you're just not in mood to spend your little time together going through grammar...

So this time I've gone back to my self-study tools. I have a decent book, although I'm not using it in a very strict pace so far and I am using the amazing flashcard tool Anki.

Anki gives you the impression that it was designed by programmers, and that's probably true. However it is very powerful, you can customise your cards and study sessions to a great extend - once you find which way/study method works for you it removes a lot of boilerplate work from your study sessions.

I've been using flashcards that translate back to my native language, Greek, as I find that in many cases (particularly in more complex phrases with verb tenses and noun cases), it helps me understand the structure of the language better.

Finally, since my last attempt, Russian has been released to beta on Duolingo. Go try it!

До скорого!

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