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The soviet-era Elbrus computer line was based on the same B5000 that many software people consider "an improvement upon nearly all its successors" (unfortunately for Burroughs' reception in the marketplace, their peripherals may not have been so reliable: worse is better, except when it isn't).

TIL the Elbrus tradename is still in commercial use, although these days it looks as if it's being slapped on systems running Linux on SPARC derivatives instead.

However, if the RF equivalent of "orange book" systems buyers still can source something with the safety properties of the old MCP lineage, it might help explain the recently infamous « русский хакер ». After all, if you live in a wooden house, with roughly capability-based security, while your neighbor's glass house is chock full of legacy x86 and C/C++, it must take an awful lot of willpower to avoid throwing stones...

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