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last posted June 13, 2018, 9:32 a.m.

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I've often thought a classical remix (Händel? or at least romantic? where does Beethoven #3 fit? Chopin's Mazurkas? Wagner? Verdi?) ought to be easy to do, but have yet to run across any attempts that work for me.

Electro Blues goes nicely, I'm guessing because it starts from a form which, even at its most minimal, is all about the groove?

The russians are definitely fond of remixing old standards; I particularly liked one Anna Herman cover which managed to work both trad and club tropes into the tube.

Going the other way, I remember an otherwise forgettable movie which involved english country dancing to electronic music, and I understand techno-contra is A Thing now.

I used to play in a carnaval band; among other tunes, we played drum+brass rearrangements of the Royal Gigolo's cover of California Dreamin' and Gala's Freed from Desire. No worries about DRM when you're playing Analog Dance Music (probably more difficult to find in the non-francophone parts of the US, where partying on and being excellent to each another isn't traditional, but YT shows some signs of civilization in the IL area).

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