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freedom songs

I have to say "Double wow", so in honor of MLK, this "Russian" music card will be russian artists interpreting non-russophone lyrics.

At first I was surprised to hear Buinov singing "Let My People Go", in english, during an otherwise russophone music special:

Буйнов - Let My People Go

but it turns out it's an old russian choral standard. The current popularity might be due to a synagogue* chorus:

Хор Турецкого. "Go Down Moses"

but as we saw before, The Platters were popular enough that the army choir covered them, and from soviet times until ours, the covers were in english.

Хор МВД - 16 tons

(I'm guessing Paul Robeson also had some influence on the soviet-era performances)

  • as mentioned in my russian stream, I originally started searching RUnet because it's far easier to find yiddish interpretations than on the latin internet. Alexandrov even has a several-hour traveling show of yiddish numbers; which he closes with:

Lomir Ale Ineynim

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