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I Will Survive

In a close decision, the Gaynor classic beat out the wedding staple ВСЕ БУДЕТ ХОРОШО for inclusion in a bollywood-inspired karaoke comedy: (incidentally the highest grossing russian film in 2015 ... despite being released on 25 December. Cinematography geeks: how many cuts in this sequence?)

I was a bit surprised to find an english-language song in a popular russian movie, but I guess I shouldn't have been. As the comrades in leg warmers showed us, the iron curtain was much more permeable to pop culture in its final decades than in its initial, and disco, while it may have died elsewhere, survived* in russia.

A few examples, this time with Carnaval-themed lyrics in russian (original titles in ROT-13 for those who wish to guess)

"V jvyy fheivir"


"Ig'f envavat zra"


  • like in western europe, (but unlike in the US and those middle-eastern countries which had suffered islamic revolutions, evidently feeling that booze, breasts, and brazen lyrics needed to be banned)

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