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a whole nation of comrades in legwarmers

the title here is a line mentioned in an article I'd run across while researching Soviet Disco; I think the original mention was meant to be humorous, but as we can see from the following ad:

the soviets may have taken it more seriously. Admittedly, that's feathered hair, but no leg warmers. No problem; by working backwards from an aerobics-themed song in the current RF: «Утренняя гимнастика»

we find that performance is indeed a cover of a soviet-era song: «Утренняя гимнастика»

which Высоцкий* had presumably composed with reference to programs like: «Утренняя гимнастика»

It took a little poking around, but there you have it:

comrades in legwarmers

  • it's just as well Vyssotsky, like Tsoi, eventually achieved fame despite communist censorship, for his material would never fly on a major western label, either. Not only is he overly fond of enjambment, he even has a single-word multi-syllable line: Общеукрепляющая (obscheykrepliauschaya).

a near miss: if you start to wonder why Фактор-2 features comrades in knee socks, periodic tables, and a drum&bugle corps, see the original video a few cards back.

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