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last posted May 28, 2016, 1:26 p.m.

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Today's тройка is of a traditional song,Порушка-Пораня. It's easy enough to find, from traditional arrangements to less traditional, such as a лезгинка, or with what I guess are gender-swapped dips, Девятова и Варвара@0:54, but the following are my current favorite set of new bottles for this old wine:

Firstly, Silenzium, playing a peasant song on classic instruments in a festival setting (and what is that theme at 1:56?):

Secondly, Ариэль, who perform a version updated for the entry of the internal combustion engine and electrical amplification into rural life:

Finally, from a movie about which I know next to nothing, at a party involving a young Peter II, the landlords reach the point in the evening (~3:00) where they are not above a little cultural appropriation from their tenantry:

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