о русской музыки и кино 5

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last posted Nov. 14, 2016, 9:39 a.m.

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is a recent Baskov video. The tune is, well, saccharine, but the video goes to great lengths to be a "mini-movie". Or maybe even a "mini-musical"? Not my genre, so I may be missing otherwise obvious references, but even so, between the credits, the narration, and all the wipes on the one hand, and the pacing (pace Кулешов?) on the other, I found it an interesting attempt at fusion.

In other bubblegum: IOWA, going a few decades less retro, not only plays with transitions, but also drops plenty of video references which I do get...

...and just to fill out a troika, I don't find it one of their better efforts, but Leningrad's latest director seems to have watched far too much Tarantino lately. (or does that horse head come from Coppola?)

2 earlier thoughts