о русской музыки и кино 5

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last posted Nov. 14, 2016, 9:39 a.m.
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It's unlikely Sergei Zhukov* reads XKCD, but if he were to have, Munroe's feeling old chart contrasts nicely with lots of old-age makeup and a little confetti...

  • whom we last saw on a stairwell, at 2:20 of "Beauty"

appears (if my machine translation is reliable ... it seems one must pay attention to the verses in order to interpret the chorus) to be a 1990's interpretation of the genre of Gaynor and Serduchka.


is a recent Baskov video. The tune is, well, saccharine, but the video goes to great lengths to be a "mini-movie". Or maybe even a "mini-musical"? Not my genre, so I may be missing otherwise obvious references, but even so, between the credits, the narration, and all the wipes on the one hand, and the pacing (pace Кулешов?) on the other, I found it an interesting attempt at fusion.

In other bubblegum: IOWA, going a few decades less retro, not only plays with transitions, but also drops plenty of video references which I do get...

...and just to fill out a troika, I don't find it one of their better efforts, but Leningrad's latest director seems to have watched far too much Tarantino lately. (or does that horse head come from Coppola?)


En passant

We've had no shortage of Carnaval songs, and a running theme of chess, but Friske and Leontev manage not only to combine both themes:

but have set the russian themes and lyrics to a popular number from a french musical:

« les rois du monde »

(compare, both for form and content, to a more recent francophone number)

... then again, there's always the combination of algebraic notation and slapstick in the chess episode of "Masha and Medved":

"knight's move"


ФАБРИКА - А я за тобой

also has a retro element, if not so obvious as either their baroque tendency or those we've just seen: once one gets past the frame story, it's a quotation of "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style":

Если-б я был султан -- Кавказская пленница

I already had this movie on the queue because of Geekfish's mention of Shurik, but this mention is yet more impetus to get around to it. In the meantime, it seems apparent that one major difference over the last half-century is the cheesecake level; compare the 2016 video to the 1966 "song about bears":