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is from this century, and while it's not odd that the cover is much less square than the soviet original (ВИА Пламя -1975), nor is it odd that a band which bills itself as the "New Samosvety" would do a retro-video to go with their retro-cover, it is somewhat odd that one would use a retro theme with a song whose lyrics ("no need to be sad the whole life ahead", according to Dyadya Google) are along the lines of "don't mope over lost love; look forward to the next".

They also unsurprisingly cover the original Samosvety: (again, with cinematography a bit hipper than their fathers version of "you're my everything" in 1977)

However, for my current ultimate in soviet-retro, I nominate Plamya's 1978 wah-wah drenched Great Patriotic Cover:

not only do we have comrades in leisure suits but we have a combination of patriotism with funk (which, if reinterpreted with a bit more distortion, would be?) reminiscent of Hendrix.

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