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last posted Sept. 14, 2016, 2:11 p.m.
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Rivers and Sunsets

The Новые Самоцветы aren't the only ones doing retro themed videos; Кобзон (who we've previously seen demonstrating willingness to play with intergenerational arrangements) has a current-and-retro-video, "dress":

(can anyone comment on the accuracy of the setting? I'm guessing the flashbacks are supposed to be late 60's~early 70's, a time when Kobzon was certainly active, but as far as I can tell, this particular song was a "song of the year" finalist in 1991 [cf "don't cry"], and hence [however touching] would be a bit anachronistic for either period depicted in this video)

(also, looks as if tea may soon deserve the chess and legwarmers treatment)


Iberians meet Iberians

(in which a singer from the Caucasian Iberia makes a video involving Peninsular Iberians)

then again, Nachesova is versatile enough to do spaghetti western:

(the saddles at 2:45 look far more australian than what I would consider a proper stock saddle, but I've seen similarly shaped old persian saddles, and there's a theory that the material culture of the Californios was brought to the New World, intermediated by way of Spain and the Arabs, from Persian sources)

... and to end this troika on a high note (if you will allow a song in the local language) as a better model of a heroine barbarian

(Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer, eat your hearts out)


Maydele mit a fidlerin

It was an offhand search for Barry Sisters tunes that first sent me over to RUnet, and so it was nice of YT to suggest this ydd/ru version of "bei mir bistu sheyn" / « Ба мир бисту шейн »

  • (1:25 has a tangential connection with the ancient greek stream)

is from this century, and while it's not odd that the cover is much less square than the soviet original (ВИА Пламя -1975), nor is it odd that a band which bills itself as the "New Samosvety" would do a retro-video to go with their retro-cover, it is somewhat odd that one would use a retro theme with a song whose lyrics ("no need to be sad the whole life ahead", according to Dyadya Google) are along the lines of "don't mope over lost love; look forward to the next".

They also unsurprisingly cover the original Samosvety: (again, with cinematography a bit hipper than their fathers version of "you're my everything" in 1977)

However, for my current ultimate in soviet-retro, I nominate Plamya's 1978 wah-wah drenched Great Patriotic Cover:

not only do we have comrades in leisure suits but we have a combination of patriotism with funk (which, if reinterpreted with a bit more distortion, would be?) reminiscent of Hendrix.


Oh, we got both kinds

I hear a twang in « Дорога к морю »; do you?

Apparently back in soviet times, its genre was disco:

disco and C&W? Is that even a thing? I guess the comrades in legwarmers can be forgiven for any apparent confusion...

meanwhile, back on the other side of the iron curtain

... after all, during this same epoch Dolly Parton was performing "Potential New Boyfriend":

I guess the 80's were confusing all the way around!